What Is Tastypie?

Tastypie is a webservice API framework for Django. It provides a convenient, yet powerful and highly customizable abstraction for creating REST-style interfaces.

Tastypie makes exposing your models easy, but gives you full control over what you expose, letting you abstract away the database as much as needed. Tastypie also makes it easy to integrate with non-ORM data sources.

Tastypie is BSD licensed & plays nicely with third-party apps without needing to modify their sources.

Reasonable defaults
Designed to be extended at every turn
Includes a variety of serialization formats (JSON/XML/YAML/bplist)
HATEOAS by default
Well-tested & well-documented

Getting Started

  1. Install using Pip: pip install django-tastypie
  2. Add to installed apps: INSTALLED_APPS += ['tastypie']
  3. Syncdb: ./manage.py syncdb
  4. Create your resource(s)
  5. Hook them up in the URLconf


There is a mailing list available for general discussion.

For those craving real, human interaction, there is also an IRC channel (#tastypie on irc.freenode.net).

Finally, if you find a bug or would like to request a feature, please submit an issue.